Cloud &Hybrid Cloud

We’ve partnered with leaders in this space to bring you best-in-class tools to get more done, securely, in the office,  on the go and everywhere in between.

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Information Security

Information security is more complex than ever before. CloudNexus delivers enterprise data protection capabilities without the enterprise price tag.

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Data & Infrastructure

The capacity, connectivity and capabilities to run the workloads that drive your business. Extending or replacing your IT infrastructure has never been easier.

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Managed Services

Experienced technicians ensure that the IT services on which you rely will keep humming along so that you can focus on the business of keeping your customers happy.

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Professional Services

CloudNexus Professional Services provides you with the expertise and skills to cover and optimize all IT and business continuity issues while optimizing your spending.

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GDPR compliance still in question?

Are at risk under new EU GDPR

Nordic organizations are particularly at risk of administrative fines under the new EU GDPR regulations.

Have not started preparations for GDPR

More than half of Nordic organizations have not yet begun preparations to meet the new requirements under these data protection regulations.

Have not heard of EU GDPR

Over a third of organizations have not yet heard of GDPR and are in a particularly tenuous position with regard to the new regulations.

All organisations must adhere to the EU GDPR

Companies of all sizes conducting business within Europe must adhere to these new data protection regulations.

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